Want to have a go at being Indiana Jones?

tn logo-geomucheIn Pays du Ternois, we can make it happen!

Bring a hiking GPS a road map and ... let the adventures begin!

Géomuche is a free game that was created by Pays du Ternois in collaboration with the ADTNT association (developing tourism using new technologies).

From Géocaching to Géomuche

From Géocaching...
tn geoA clever mix between a treasure hunt and a paper chase, Geocaching is a "high-tech" hike, that you can enjoy with a portable GPS and a few riddles to solve, for a tourist adventure unlike any other.
The activity consists in finding a "treasure" known as a "cache" using its geographic coordinates (GPS coordinates) during a walk in a natural environment, in town, alone or with family.
Whether you're an experienced hiker or simply a nature-lover, a high-tech geek or a total novice ready to give it a go, the Géocaching is for you.
It is first and foremost an open air activity to exercise both your legs and your head, bringing together new technologies (internet and portable GPS) and walks in the great outdoors, to enable you to enjoy the hidden 'treasures" of the world!

... to Géomuche
Geomuche is the result of a meeting between two big children, rocked by "Indiana Jones" and "The Mysterious Cities of Gold". The Association for the Development of Tourism via New Technologies (ADTNT) was created in 2005. The concept is Simple: inspired by Geocaching and transposed to the beauty of Ternois landscapes. On this site you can find a series of caches, renamed for this occasion "Muches" (hiding place in the local dialect) !
tn ChasseAuTresor1 ZelieHow to play Géomuche ?
Géomuche is a walking/hiking adventure course. You will need:
-> A hiking GPS. If you don't have one we can rent you one (check where the rental points are)
€5 per day or €10€ per weekend + deposit
-> Bring all of the equipment you will need for a short family hike
    - comfortable walking shoes
    - protection for your head like a cap
    - some water
    - a backpack
    - your clue and a local map if possible
- don't forget your powers of observation and insight!
-> View the "muches" (cache) map
-> Print the road book for the "muche" that interests you
-> Head out into the terrain using your GPS while enjoying the beautiful landscape.
-> Once you've found it, let us know what you think!

When you've found the "muche", it is customary to leave a small object and take one of the others in the box. Don't forget to share your impressions in the visitors' book. Lastly, leave the "muche" exactly as you found it.

Keep a low profile, the survival of the "muche" depends on it...
Head off again for a new adventure!

Information points and GPS rental

Saint Polois Intercommunal Tourism Office
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville - 62130 Saint Pol sur Ternoise - Tel: +33 (0)3 21 47 08 08

Pernois Community of Communes
7, rue de l'Eglise - 62550 Pernes en Artois - Tel: +33 (0)3 21 47 95 59
Open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm

Camping du Château d'Equirre
920, Grande Rue - 62134 Equirre - Ph: +33 (0)3 21 04 61 23
Open everyday from 9 am to 6 pm. Closed on Monday from the 1st of October to the 1st of April

Camping "Le Petit Saint Jean"
27 bis, rue de Frévent - 62270 Boubers sur Canche - Ph: +33 (0)3 21 04 85 20
Open from 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 8 pm - 7 days a week

Auxilois Community of Communes
36, rue Roger Salengro - 62390 Auxi le Château - Tel: +33 (0)3 21 03 26 99
Open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm; and on Saturday from 10 am to 12.30 noon

List of Muches

View the "muches" (cache) map 

Name of
the Muche

the Muche



Le silence est d'or
(version courte)

 45 min  tn 1.5  1.5        tn image PDF       

Le silence est d'or
(version longue)

 2h30  tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 

Les voyettes
de Saint-Pol 

   1.5  1.5  tn image PDF
Le Parc du
1h15  tn 2  1.5 tn image PDF 
Le retour
des canards 
   1.5  1.5  tn image PDF
   tn 2  tn 3  tn image PDF
Un petit coin
de Canada
60 min  tn 2  1.5  tn image PDF
Ecureuil 60 min  tn 2  1.5  tn image PDF


   tn 2  tn 3  tn image PDF
Le retour
de Jeanne d'Oeuf
1h30  tn 2.5  tn 2  tn image PDF
Le mystère
des 3 Lys
1h30  tn 3  tn 2  tn image PDF
Au pays
des sorcières
1h30  tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
Balade à
60 min  1.5  1.5  tn image PDF


   tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
Détour par
30 min  tn 2  1.5  tn image PDF
Heuchin 45 min  tn 2  tn 2.5  tn image PDF
La Corneillère 45 min  tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
La pâture
1000 trous
30 min  tn 2  tn 2.5  tn image PDF
Le petit
60 min  tn 2.5  tn 2  tn image PDF
Riez de
30 min  tn 2  tn 3 tn image PDF 
Muches à
50 min  tn 1  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Sur les traces de
Saint Benoît
45 min  tn 1  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Balade en ville 60 min  tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Pernes - circuit    tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Valhuon - Le
Moulin Blanc
   tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Hernicourt    tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Vacquerie-Fortel    tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Le blockhaus 15 min  tn 2  tn 2.5  tn image PDF

Au royaume
des princes

45 min  tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
Frévent    tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
Frévent 2    tn 3  tn 3  tn image PDF
La ferme
aux fraises
10 min  tn 1  1.5  tn image PDF
Vive la
République !
40 min  tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
Retour vers
le passé
40 min  tn 2  tn 2  tn image PDF
De maison
en maison
45 min  tn 2.5  1.5  tn image PDF
La fontaine 1h30  tn 1  tn 2 tn image PDF 
Equirre    tn 2  tn 2 tn image PDF 
GRP du Ternois    1.5  tn 2.5  tn image PDF
Les averchons 1h  1.5  1.5  tn image PDF
White Vision
dit Hector
   tn 2.5  1.5 tn image PDF 
Fortel - Le puis
et la chapelle
  tn 2 tn 2.5 tn image PDF
Buire   tn 2 tn 2 tn image PDF
Auxi   tn 2 tn 2 tn image PDF