Meet our Greeters !

tn greeterWant to think outside the box, live original experiments and discover the hidden treasures and unexpected Ternois?
Then the Greeters are there for you!


"Greeters" are an initiative by the Pas de Calais Development and Tourist Reservation Office (formerly the Pas de Calais Department Tourism Committee). The concept originates in New York with its "Big Apple Greeters" and the idea is that tourists can meet locals (who are passionate and proud of their city) who will show them around "their area" and "their town".
They are absolutely not meant as a substitute for a professional tour guide and they do their job entirely for free and without any tips.

The idea is that the visitor will leave enriched by this encounter with a "friend".
Whether you are travelling as a family, amongst friends or by yourself, the Greeter will welcome you to town and give you helpful tips for your stay in Pas de Calais.

The Greeter service is entirely free.

You must organise meetings with a Greeter at least 3 days beforehand so that the volunteers are prepared for your arrival.
For practical reasons and to conserve the authentic, special character of the meetings, Greeters can only receive 6 people at a time.
Not all requests can be met because we are subject to the availability of Greeters.

Meetings between Greeters and visitors must take place in a public place. Each person must have their own vehicle to travel from one place to another.

Meet the Greeters of the Ternois !