Le Régency art house and experimental cinema
Rue Oscar Ricque 
tn_100px_le_regency.jpg62130 Saint Pol sur ternoise
Ph: +33 (0)3 21 41 21 00 
Fax: +33 (0)3 21 41 21 00

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tn_300px_saintpolsurternoise_cinemaleregency_salle.jpgDescription :
In 1989, 10 years after the original local cinema closed down, the town of Saint Pol sur Ternoise opened its new cinema: Le Régency. The new cinema is built under the Chapelle des Soeurs Noires, a building classed "Monuments Historiques de France", which also houses the municipal museum.
The cinema seats 140 . Open everyday all year round . It screens nearly 200 films a year, some of which are film previews or national openings, and most films are screened only few weeks after they come out.
Every week Le Régency puts on a variety of films to appeal to every type of audience.. The programme usually consists of an art house or experimental film, a children's film and a "general public" film (although an art house film or children's film may also be suitable for the "general public").
Le Régency has become widely recognised by professionals as well as members of the public in Saint Pol sur Ternois and much further afield... It is a vital cultural element in Saint Pol sur Ternois and its surrounding villages, and even further afield.
In its efforts to achieve cinematic quality and diversity, Le Régency welcomesnearly 30.000 spectators every year and has obtained the label "Jeune Public" (young audience) as well as the classification "Art et Essai" (art and experimental)..
Le Régency's policy is to offer a wide variety of films so that each spectator, no matter what their age or social situation, has a cultural or entertainment option in an area that greatly lacks suitable cultural apparatus.
A very special place is reserved for younger audiences for whom the cinema remains the most popular cultural choice.
Although the cinema remains above all a leisure activity, Le Régency is endeavouring to become a place for exchange and new discoveries that encourages social and cultural integration.
It helps young people to learn to interpret images and develop a critical perspective, both during school hours and outside school hours.
Several times a year, Le Régency organises activities aimed at a young audience (including very young children) based on the latest films and the great classics to raise their awareness of this art form in the company of a group leader. Sometimes, morning or afternoon tea is provided in the cinema itself. Le Régency is much more than just a place where films are screened. It is a living place and a place to meet with professionals from the world of film. The team at Le Régency regularly invites directors, film technicians and film critics to come an meet with the audience.

Rates :
Full price: €5.70
Reduced rate: €4.70 (for university students and school students; on presentation of their student ID every Monday and Thursday)
Privilege card: 10 entry subscription, valid for one year (regardless of how many seats available): €44
(+ €2 management fee when the card is bought)