History & heritage

 The Ternois, an area steeped in history and unique heritage, has managed to retain the vestiges of its illustrious past. Dotted around this varied landscape are châteaux, manor houses, watermills, old farms and typical houses, all witnesses to eight centuries of history.

The different museums and galleries throughout the area will show you how multifaceted the Ternois identity can be, and the “Parks and Gardens” are important attributes of the Ternois, such a very green and pleasant land.

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Burial principles during the Great War

tn Pernes024paysageBurial principles
The War experienced by the ternois


Choice of the British Unknown Warrior in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise in 1920

tn Tomb of the Unknown Warrior - Westminster Abbey - London England - 9 Nov. 2010British Unknown Warrior
in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise


DIEVAL - Bee museum

tn_ramecourt_mielduternois_celineedouart_41.jpgBee Museum
in Diéval


FIEFS - V1 launching ramp

V1 launching ramp
in Fiefs


First World War Headquarters in le Ternois

tn 7228-79071070-cercamp-panoramioHeadquarters
The War organized from the Ternois


First World War Heritage in le Ternois


First World War Heritage

tn Beauvoir 3In the context of the centenary of the First World War, animations will be set up in order to show the strategic and logistical importance of the territory of Ternois during the Great War.

Historical Context:

The Ternois was not part of the front lines and yet, this territory had its importance. Indeed, because of the geographical situation of this area, a huge amount of casualties, soldiers, refugees and prisoners went through it. Le Pays du Ternois being at equal distance from the ports (the Channel and the North Sea) and the front lines (Artois, Flanders and Somme) it became a strategic point, a nerve center, a kind of transitional zone between the front lines and the rear area.

tn carte postale st polAs soon as 1914, le Ternois was fully involved in the war effort: troops had to be conveyed to the front lines, casualties had to be repatriated and the armies needed to be resupplied in weapons and munitions…This territory became a real hive of activity with its weapons factory, its gathering points of casualties and refugees, its aerodromes or its training center. Many hospitals had to be set up which led to the establishment of cemeteries. Because of the increase of victims these villages from the rear area became burial places.

As a consequence of its situation as a nerve center, generals, princes, kings and presidents came to the French and English headquarters established in St Pol sur Ternoise and the most beautiful residence places of the territory: Châteaux de Brias, Cercamp, Bermicourt, Bermicourt, Monchy-Cayeux, Humières.

A universally acknowledged symbol is undeniably linked to the history of this territory: the British Unknown Warrior was selected in St Pol among several bodies on the night of the 7th – 8th November 1920. It now lies since the 11th November in Westminster Abbey in London.

In the framework of this centenary you will have the opportunity to discover articles about themes that are peculiar to this territory:

v  The unknown Warrior

v  Remembrance places

v  The Headquarters

v  The rememberance flowers

v  The hospitals

v  The Press

v  Military cemeteries

v  The Tank Corps

v  The artists

v  Airfields

v  The burial principles

v  The Warrior garden in Séricourt

FREVENT - Château de Cercamp

tn_frevent_cercamps_photomairiefrevent.jpgCtn_monum.jpgastle of Cercamp
Castle of 18th century
in Frevent


FREVENT - Guided tour of the castle of Cercamp

tn_frevent_cercamps_photomairiefrevent.jpgtn_monum.jpgGuided tour of the Castle of Cercamp
in Frévent


FREVENT - Saint-Hilaire church

tn_100px_frvent_eglisesthilaire_jpjohannes.jpgtn_50px_images.jpgSaint-Hilaire church
Gothic and Neo-Gothic style church
in Frévent


FREVENT - Wintenberger Mill-museum

tn Frevent Wintenberger CreditPhotoWintenberger05Wintenberger Mill-museum
in Frévent