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Nursery garden Antoine Breuvart


Jardins PassionsRefuge LPO
This is a presentation garden combining sophistication and nature, modernity and ancient varieties with a constant concern for the respect of the environment. This is a lively garden, home to birds and butterflies, a place which inspires ideas for easy living gardens. Behind the hedge which surrounds the garden, there is a tree nursery which specialises in the production of perennial plants. There is a large choice of plants selected for their aesthetic qualities, their ease of use and their garden usage

4 portes ouvertes par an sur thème saisonnier relatif aux jardins
chaque année, aux alentours du 15 aout : "Fleurs d'été" avec des amis producteurs de plantes (rosiers, aquatiques, arbustes...), paysagistes et animations


Pépinière-jardin Antoine Breuvart
Monsieur Breuvart Antoine
898 rue Charles Chopin

Tel : +33 3 21 04 49 45 - +33 6 75 76 48 33
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website :
Facebook :épinière-jardin-Antoine-Breuvart-1637783869770047/timeline/



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