50px_tn_produitalaferme.pngTtn_savoirvert.jpghe Ferme des Hirondelles
Dairy products, children's farm
in La Thieuloye


tn_la_thieuloye__ferme_des_hirondelles__celine_edouart_15.jpgMr and Mrs Pluquet
GAEC Pluquet
12 rue de Monchy
62130 La Thieuloye
Ph: +33 (0)3 21 41 51 24

Farm products

Description :
Sale of butter, milk, cream and eggs.

Open :
Direct sales on the farm all day on Thursday and by order on other days

Children's farm

tn_la_thieuloye__ferme_des_hirondelles__celine_edouart_26.jpgFor pre-schools :
- Biscotte: This little hen is happy for you to come and meet her family. She has a great story to tell...
- Jeannot: The ginger rabbit is waiting in her hutch to introduce you to her very large family
- Paquerette: The little goat is there too, just waiting to be petted.

For "Grande Section", "CE", "CM" and "6ème" class groups :
- The milk route: The farm visit can be followed by feeding the cows, milking the cows and butter-making. Strawberry and chocolate milk tasting
- From wheat to bread: Growing wheat, the work cycle in the fields, and bread-making with home-made jam
- Water: On the farm water is life, it cannot be wasted and everything is recycled (water-theme activities)
- Fauna and flora: Marked-out walking routes and paper chase in the plains. Identifying crops. Local birds and trees
- Spices: Learning to distinguish tastes and flavours, and learning to use spices
- The seasons: The work of a farmer, the farmer's tools and farming careers
- Fruit and vegetables: Pas-de-Calais specialities. Their place in the food chain, soup making and tasting, jam. The food pyramid
- The vegetable garden: Crop rotation. Friends and enemies of the vegetable garden. Seedling workshop. Biodiversity. Plants and photosynthesis.

Prices :
groups of adults: €3 per person
groups of children: €2 per person