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Goat specialities, children's farm
in Framecourt


tn_framecourt__la_chevriette__celine_edouart_13.jpgChristine and Franck Lesay
La Chevriette
27 rue principale
62130 Framecourt
Ph: +33 (0)3 21 41 39 92
Fax: +33 (0)3 21 04 89 59

Local products
Description :
Hand-made goat's cheese produced on our farm, made with raw milk with the greatest attention to preserving that authentic farmhouse taste and respecting tradition.
The herd includes nearly one-hundred milking goats (carefully selected since 1980), 6 billy goats and many kids.
There are two different species of goat: Chamoisee, alpine goats (brown) and Saanen goats (a white breed from Switzerland).
The milk that is used to make cheese is made exclusively from our own goats raised on fodder, grass and cereals.

La Chevriette offers: goat's cheese (fresh, matured, dry rind and flavoured), goat's cheese "tomme", goat's milk yoghurt, goat terrine

Open :
Everyday from (except Sunday) from 5 pm to 7 pm.

At the Arras Market every Saturday morning. Delivery available

"Le savoir vert" children's farm

Activities proposed :
- Goats
- Animals: care and feeding
- Distinctive features of goats (differences between billy goats and kids)
- Milking goats by hand 
- Milk processing the milk processing cycle brings us to cheese-making (hygiene standards

Open :
Guided tours by reservation from 14 pm to 19 pm.

€3 per person